Wand- Upholstery for Flow- Fired Systems

Wand- Upholstery for Flow- Fired Systems
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Price: $275.00

The upholstery tool we feature for flow- fired heating systems is very manuverable and reaches easily into small areas.  It features an internal solution hose inside the vacuum hose, to make it as compact and un- cluttered as possible.

But what makes this particular wand especially suitable for the flow- fired systems we make is that it features an internal bypass "circuit" that's adjustable in terms of the flow it allows and only bypasses when the tool's trigger is keyed.

Basically, the flow necessary to clean upholstery is very low, compared to that required to clean carpet.  And the flow allowed by a typical upholstery tool isn't enough to activate the flow switch of a flow- fired heater.  By turning the knob on this tool, you increase the flow that the system "sees", without increasing the flow to the upholstery.

Highly recommended!

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