Wand- 1.75"

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Our 1.75" Wand gives you the best of both worlds from the standpoint of airflow vs. comfort.  While a typical 2" shaft wand is too "bulky" for the size of many people's hands, the 1.75" feels very much like the traditional 1.5" wand shaft does.  Yet that extra 1/4" in diameter gives you much better airflow than a 1.5" wand.

Consider this:  The formula for the area of a circle is:  Pi x R2.  In other words, it's 3.1412 times the Radius ("half- diameter") of the circle, times itself.

So: A 1.5" wand is: 3.1412 x (.75" x .75") = 1.77 sq. in.

And a 1.75" wand is: 3.1412 x (.87" x .87") = 2.38 sq. in.

So a 1.75" shaft allows about 1/3 more airflow than a 1.5" shaft.

The version we carry features 4 jets, is a double- bend style and has a 14" wide head on it.

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