Clean Slate

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Clean Slate: 6.5 lb. jar

Clean Slate is our newest cleaner for Tile, Grout and Natural Stone

What sets it apart from GrimeBeGone is that it's a powder loaded with oxygen bleach, in addition to surfactants and alkaline boosters.  Highly concentrated, Clean Slate can be used by itself, or added to diluted GrimeBeGone, to get the toughest, rough- surface jobs as clean as they can possibly come.

"Clean Slate is great" for natural stone cleaning.

MIX:  By itself, mix 4 oz. Clean Slate per gallon of hot water.  Added to GrimeBeGone, add 2 oz. per gallon of hot water                            and mix 4 ox. per gallon of GrimeBeGone.

Clean Slate comes in 6.5 lb. jars, 4- jar cases and 40 lb. buckets.

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