About Us

Accelerated TruckMounts is the brainchild of Duane Oxley, who has been in the carpet care industry since 1982. For over 6 years, Duane was the marketing director for a carpet care products company which manufactured truck- mounted carpet cleaning systems, portable extractors and carpet care chemicals. During that time, Duane traveled throughout the U.S., taught carpet dye and carpet repair seminars and observed many brands of “truck mounts” and studied their design strengths and weaknesses. From 1988 until 1996, Duane had a successful carpet care company in the Atlanta, GA. area and through first- hand experience over those 8 years, became very familiar with what people doing the work of carpet care value in their truck mounts:



Small Footprint

High heat / High flow capability

In 1996, Duane started designing and manufacturing truck mounts and added a proprietary line of carpet care chemicals, based upon the chemicals he had developed during his time as a carpet care professional. Keeping in mind what he had observed while in sales of truck mounts and what he’d experienced as an owner of them, he designed systems along the guidelines that he knew to be important to carpet care professionals.

Since the “early days” of Duane’s design career, he has designed 15 truckmount systems, culminating with the current “Viper”, “Predator Unleashed”, “Dominator”, “SplitSteam”, “Nemesis” and “Xcel” designs. Among these designs are both belt- drive and direct- coupled drive methods, propane, oil- fired and heat exchange heating systems, and innovative approaches within each drive method and within each heating method.

And in a similar fashion, the chemicals we offer, also address the myriad of services that a carpet care professional is likely to offer, or consider offering. We offer chemicals for Carpet Cleaning, Deodorization, Dyeing, Mold Remediation and Tile and Grout Care, all of which have been developed and evaluated under real- world field tests and compared to competing products, to be sure that what we offer is superior in that regard.

In short, the system design experience at work in “Accelerated” includes every conceivable method of drive and heat in use in truck mounts available today. These various approaches aren’t just “history”. They are all currently available. And the chemicals we offer are truly excellent in their performance and value.

Regardless of what your work preferences are, we are the one company that can and does address them all, and does so routinely.