Tile and Grout Care

Tile, Grout and Stone care requires a multi- faceted approach.  For instance, acid- based chemicals cann ot be used on natural stone flooring, tiles, etc., because such cleaners are likely to "etch" the surface and ruin the finish of the stone as a result.

For most jobs, "GrimeBeGone", our alkaline T&G cleaner, is all that's needed.  Mix it at 4 oz. per gallon (1 to 31) of water and increase if necessary, up to 8 oz. ( 1 to 15) per gallonPre-spray all areas to be cleaned, allow 10 to 15 minutes dwell time, then steam it out, using a spinner tool, such as our TG Tool, connected to a high- heat / high flow truckmount.

Sometimes, deep- cleaning with an alkaline cleaner simply isn't enough.  When this is the case, the next step is likely an acid cleaner.  However, acids can't be used on natural stone (they will ruin the finish of natural stone), so make sure that the floor tiles you're working with are man- made.  Our acid cleaner is "EtchIt".  And it efficiently "deep cleans" the grout by removing the very top layer of grout, exposing, as a result, the next "new" layer underneath, yet leaves man- made tile unaffected..

Should grout, after cleaning, remain uneven in color, for instance, due to deep staining, or due to grout repairs being made in the past with grout slightly different in color, then the best approach is to color seal the grout, using a durable, penetrating colored sealer, such as our "DecoSeal".  DecoSeal comes in a variety of colors to suit the most common colors originally used when grout is installed, as well as the popular colors used today.