Mold Remediation

Chemicals: Remediation

We offer a few, very- well tested chemicals for flood and mold remediation.  Although they do seem to overlap with regard to what they do, they each have strong points.

Keep in mind that if we use a descriptive term that ends in "cide", or implies in any way that spores and bacteria is "killed" in any way, then the product referred to must carry an EPA registration, which entails substantial cost and therefore increases the amount such a product must be sold for..  However, it is quite possible for a product to do the same thing and doi it as well as a registered product, without being described as a "cide" that "kills", etc.

We do offer an EPA registered bactericide, that we've named "FloodPro EPA", for those of you who require a registered product.

"MoldBeGone" is a very effective mildew and mold counteractant that works so quickly, that it's almost instantaneous.

"MoldBlock" is an effective mold preventant that has very- long- lasting effectiveness.