Carpet Dyeing

Conditions that call for carpet to be dyed are varied and numerous.  But they fall into two basic categories:

1.) Restoring lost color to faded fibers. (This category is typically do to fibers coming into contact with chemicals that are incompatible with carpet dyes, or due to sun exposure, or both.)

2.)Permanently- stained carpets with enough stained areas to make removal via patching ("bonded inserts", etc.) impractical.

Our Dyes are highly concentrated, acid based dyes, identical in composition to the dye used in carpet mills.  As a result, they are as color fast and permanent ass the dye originally used in the manufacturing process.

Our dye support chemicals ensure evenness of coverage ("Penetrator"), adjust the quickness with which the dyes strike to the fibers ("Quicken"), and neutralize common chemicals ("ChlorKill") that interfere with smooth, even dye jobs.  We also carry a product ("Wall Guard") that prevents dye from attaching to baseboards and walls when full- room dyeing is.performed.