Dominator Model Comparisons

Dominator series systems are our high- performance  industrial systems designed with full-sized recovery tanks.  They are designed to be ultra- user- friendly with regard to operation and maintenance.

Common Features to All Dominator Models:

  • Belt- drive configuration 
  • Simple, high heat output, featuring stainless steel heater coils.
  • High pressure capability
  • Change any belt in less than 5 minutes
  • Roots DSL “no grease” vacuum pumps
  • Over-sized stainless steel exhaust silencer.


The drive method used in these systems is belt- drive, featuring large pulleys and commonly- available BX series drive belts for maximum power transfer.  Larger pulleys provide:

  • Larger contact radius with the drive belt for better traction
  • Less need for high belt tension to prevent slippage
  • Reduced “side- load” related wear on drive bearings

Like all of our systems, Dominators, have been designed from the ground up to be solid workhorses that deliver unparalleled performance. Like our other systems, they feature our “UltraFlow” approach to airflow in the vacuum system. This means that performance- robbing airflow restriction is virtually eliminated.

  • Diameter of vacuum airways is as large as the vacuum port of the blower
  • Exhaust plumbing is larger than the exhaust port of the blower
  • Vacuum airways are as short as possible
  • 90- degree turns in the vacuum airways are eliminated where possible
  • When 90 degree turns cannot be avoided, oversized ”sweeps” are used.

All Dominator series systems feature flow- fired industrial heaters with a 10,000 PSI pressure capability. The heat capability that Dominators deliver is perhaps what they are best known for, with regard to overall performance.  All Dominators provide:

  • Fully adjustable temperature, from input temperature to maximum
  • Dependable 230 degrees at the wand, continuous output temperature.
  • 200 + degrees of continuous heat through a tile spinner tool @ 1,500 PSI.
  • 2,000 PSI capable pressure delivery

We are so confident of the heat capability of these systems, that we are the only manufacturer to supply temperature gauges on the wands supplied with them.






20 HP Kohler Command Pro

25 HP Kohler Command Pro

30 HP Kohler Command Pro

Vacuum Pump

Roots 36 DSL

Roots 45 DSL

Roots 47 DSL

Vacuum Spec’s

278 CFM           @ 15” Hg.

332 CFM          @ 16” Hg.

452 CFM             @ 15” Hg.

Solution Pump

Cat 3CP 1120

Cat 3CP 1120

Cat 5CP 2150W

Pressure Spec’s

To 2,000 PSI           @ 4.2 GPM

To 2,000 PSI @ 4.2 GPM

To 2,000 PSI  @ 5.0 GPM

Heater BTU


234,000 BTU


Heat Spec’s

150 degrees  rise over input          @ 2 GPM

150 degrees rise over input         @ 2 GPM

180 degrees rise over input            @ 4 GPM

Recovery Tank  

80 gal Usable Capacity 1/8" Stainless Steel

80 gal. Usable Capacity 1/8" Stainless Steel

120 gal. Usable Capacity 1/8" Stainless Steel

Hose: Vacuum

150 ft.

200 ft.

300 ft.

Hose: Pressure

150 ft.

200 ft.

300 ft.

Hose: Water

100 ft.

100 ft.

100 ft.

Hose Reels

Vac., Water, Sol.

Vac., Water, Sol.

Vac., Water, 2  Sol.


(1)              Stainless Steel double bend     with 2 jets       

(1)           Stainless Steel double bend with 2 jets    

(2)             Stainless steel  double bend        with 2 jets

Best Range

Up to 500 ft.

Up to 800 ft.

Up to 800 ft.  

      (or 2 @ 400 ft.)


34” W x 58” L

34” W x 58” L

40” W x 58” L


858 lbs.

869 lbs.

1,046 lbs.