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Congratulations! You've reached a manufacturer of carpet care systems and chemicals who truly looks at things from your perspective.   We know that you want a truck mount system that provides superior performance and does so reliably... yet is also easy for you to understand and work on when necessary.    And we know that you want support chemicals that perform better than the vast majority of the ones offered in the  industry today, and are concentrated as well as reasonably priced.   But knowing these things is only part of the job at hand.   We actually provide what you want.

Carpet Cleaning Systems & Accessories

If you are looking for simple, reliable, high heat / high flow capable truck mount carpet cleaning systems, you've come to the right place.

Accelerated Truckmounts is widely recognized as a leader in innovative truck mount systems for professional carpet care. Our systems are unrivaled with regard to the heat they generate, and are also universally recognized for their simplicity and user friendliness. We take pains to design them that way, so that we (and you) don't have to take pains to work on them when the time comes.

We make a variety of systems, including systems designed specifically to fit into small cargo vans, such as the Chevrolet Astro and Ford Transit models, systems designed specifically for Flood Extraction and systems designed for Tile, Stone and Grout care.

Our Systems Comparison Overview may be of help to you, to determine which system is best- suited to your needs. System designs we offer include direct- coupled, belt- driven, propane fired, oil- fired and heat exchange systems:

  • Viper: Direct-Coupled Super- Compact Systems

  • Predator: Direct- Coupled Continuous Discharge Systems

  • Dominator: Belt- Drive High Heat / High Flow Systems

  • TG 2500: High Output Tile and Grout Cleaning Systems

  • FloodMaster: Dedicated Flood Extraction Systems

  • SplitSteam: Dual- Blower True Dual Wand Beast
  • Chemicals

    Our carpet care, deodorization, carpet dye and tile and grout care chemicals are the result of extensive field- testing and development.

    Our cleaning chemicals such as "CleanStreak" are widely recognized in the industry for providing exceptional performance. And our extensive line of deodorization chemicals is also known to provide performance coveted by our competitors. Mention the name "PeeBeGone" to a seasoned carpet care professional and chances are that they either use it, or they would like to use it.

    Our recent addition of systems specifically designed for Tile, Stone and Grout Care, is accompanied by a line of chemicals for "T&G" work as well. As with our other chemicals, these chemicals are unique formulations, not "private labeled" for us by an outside source, and are not available elsewhere.

    Our Chemical Comparisons Overview may be of help to you, in your search through what we have to offer. The categories of work applications that our chemicals cover may just surprise you. There are 5 main areas covered in our line- up:

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Carpet and Structural Deodorization

  • Mold Remediation

  • Carpet Dyeing

  • Tile and Grout Care
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